Prepare for a Job Interview

Do your research

Any employer appreciates that you’ve taken time to understand the company before you meet. That’s not just knowing what the employer does. So use social media, the Internet, friends and professional contacts to ask:

  • What’s the company culture like?
  • Where is the company going in the future?
  • Who are its customers?
  • What do the employers do with the position you’re applying for?

Practice your interview skills

And interviewing is a skill: eye contact; handshaking, critical listening skills. You need to appear confident without being overbearing; capable yet willing to learn.

You need to practice.

Make yourself presentable

Dress a step above the way you expect to dress on a daily basis. If the office is business-casual, wear a jacket or suit. If you expect to wear construction gear, dress business-casual. Keep make-up, if you wear it, subtle.

And make sure it’s all clean, ironed and presentable.

Really, get a professional assessment of your interview outfit.

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  • We'll explain to you how and employer sees you -- before the employer sees you.

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