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You May Be Looking For a Job, but What You Need is a Career.

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We can assist you with writing and enhancing a resume, job search and strategies, interview preparation and practice, and more.

Whether you’re just starting out, or are in mid- or late-career stages, you must remember three critical factors:

  • What skills do you have and how do they apply to the workplace?
  • What workplaces need your skills?
  • What do you actually like doing?

CDO Workforce Career System helps you through the process, from the first assessment, to resume-building, job search and career management. We know which employers are hiring, and what they’re looking for.

Step One: Assess your skills and interests

Step Two: Make a Plan

Step Three: Get the Knowledge and Skills

Step Four: Start Looking

Step Five: Other Options

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Career Pathways - Competency Maps

Career competency maps are visual illustrations of the steps that may be required to get to a chosen job or career cluster. Career competency maps show the occupational steps related with making career decisions and advancements including skills, certifications, degrees or subsequent occupations. The CDO Workforce’s Disability Employment Initiative program has developed two career competency maps, one for manufacturing and another for healthcare occupations for job seeker’s review and consideration. Also, a Career Pathways Worksheet is available for job seekers, especially youth with disabilities, to use as a starting point for meeting with a Career Counselor and creating their career pathway.



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