Success Stories

Paul’s Journey

Paul came into the Career Center looking for assistance in finding a job. He lives in a rural community with limited job opportunities. Paul also had other challenges that hindered his work search. He was injured at his previous workplace and did not have adequate transportation. Paul completed high school and possessed an Individual Education Plan. He received training in culinary arts at the local Board of Continuing Education Services (BOCES) in which he did very well. He had experience in food service having worked at many local restaurants. He tried working at a restaurant again after his injury but it was difficult because of his physical limitations of bending, lifting, and twisting.

Paul had very good social skills. He is outgoing and very articulate. He wanted to obtain further education so that he could find a job that wasn’t as physical as the job where he had gotten hurt. He was waiting for his Workman’s Compensation case to be settled but at the same time he was also required to seek employment despite his physical limitations.

Working with Paul’s IRT

The Disability Resource Coordinator (DRC) helped Paul create a resume and made an informal referral to ACCES-VR (Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation), which is located in the Career Center. The DRC has an informal referral process with ACCES-VR counselors and transportation representatives connected to the center. The DRC explained to Paul how ACCES-VR may be able to help him with his additional training needs.

The DRC also gave Paul contact information for the rural transportation available to him. Paul took the initiative to pursue the ACCES-VR referral and also followed up on the job leads from the DRC. Together they submitted a couple of applications online.

Paul’s Outcomes

Paul called the DRC a few weeks later to say that he had a meeting with the ACCES-VR counselor, that his lawyer helped to get a Workman’s Compensation case settled, and that he had gotten a security guard job at a manufacturing plant through the assistance provided to him. He also plans to pursue additional training to build up his skills. He is on his way!

*Names have been changed in the Success Stories to protect identities.