What is an IRT?

An Integrated Resource Team (IRT) is a group of people who help a job seeker with disabilities make progress along their career journey. The goal of an IRT is to help this person earn a stable, sustainable wage and develop a long-term career.

An IRT can also help a person with disabilities overcome challenges that impact career goals and progress . They do this by helping the job seeker coordinate services and opportunities from different government and community-based organizations. This greatly improves career outcomes for people with disabilities.

Benefits of the IRT

  • An IRT is a way to help job seekers with disabilities transition to successful careers.
  • Many organizations can take a team approach towards the shared goal of helping job seekers with disabilities along their career path.
  • Organizations can coordinate resources, funding, and expertise to solve challenges that could be keeping the young person from finding a job they desire.
  • If the job seeker needs help, a Team Helper who the job seeker trusts can help lead the IRT.
  • The IRT is a process that does not require any formal or official partnerships.

When is an IRT Used?

  • When a job seeker with disabilities is ready to begin or improve their career. An IRT is not used when a job seeker is looking for a stop-gap job
    just to cover the bills.
  • When the job seeker gives consent to share information between organizations or people who can be partners.
  • When the job seeker needs help solving any challenges that limit their ability to find or maintain a good job.
  • When the job seeker's basic needs
    are met.