Job Seeker

If you're a young person with disabilities who has an employment goal, Integrated Resource Teams (IRTs) can help you!

Getting Started

  1. Locate an American Job Center and meet with a Disability Resource Coordinator (DRC) or career counselor.
  2. Complete interests and skills assessments. These will help you figure out a direction for your career.
  3. Research the labor market to learn about the fastest growing jobs in the country.
  4. Create an employment goal using the Employment Goal Setting Tool. It's okay if your goal changes over time.
  5. During a meeting with your DRC or career counselor, share strengths and any challenges you have finding a job.
  6. Work with your DRC or career counselor to decide if you should create an Integrated Resource Team (IRT) and who should be invited to your first meeting.

Best Practices

  • Use the tools on this website. The worksheets help guide you through your career journey.
  • Talk about your dreams and challenges so an IRT can support you. Let your Team Helper know how you think you will get there.
  • Provide regular updates to all the members of your IRT. This will make it easier for everyone to help you if you have any challenges.

Helpful Resources

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