Employment & Career Growth

After you've been hired, it's important to prepare for a successful start to your new job. If you worked with an IRT to get your job, they can help with this. IRTs provide support for 3 - 6 months or longer. Since the goal of an IRT is to help you create a stable career, they help guide you to make progress along your professional journey.

Getting Started

  1. Planning - Download and complete the Employment and Growth Worksheet. Use this to make a plan for transportation, medication, day care, and other emergency planning. Brainstorm any potential setbacks that could surface.
  2. Emergency Contacts - Using the Communication Plan, create a contact list using the important people and resources that can help in case any challenges emerge.
  3. Accommodations - Sometimes it takes a little while to understand what kind of accommodations are needed on the job. Visit the Job Accommodation Network for guidance in this area.
  4. Prepare for the First Day - Review World Economic Forum's 21 Things You Should Do on your First Day of Work.
  5. Stay in Touch - Send your IRT an update the first week of your new job and during the first few months. Let them know what's working well and if you have any concerns or challenges.
  6. Benefits and Insurance - Meet with a work coordinator or disability benefits advisor to ensure continued access to disability benefits and health insurance.


Use this tool to help you prepare for success at your new job.

Employment & Career Growth Worksheet Employment & Career Growth Worksheet Word Doc Download Employment & Career Growth Worksheet PDF Download

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