We’re grateful to the collaborative work group of the following organizations who created the Your Dream, Your Team website:

Change Impact CDO Workforce Image Tompkins Workforce New York Image

We would also like to acknowledge the following people and organizations who helped provide insight, guidance, and content for Your Dream, Your Team:


Alan Gallagher | Workforce Programs Specialist 3, Special Populations Team Supervisor, NYSDOL

Alan Sessions | Disability Resource Coordinator, CDO Workforce

Ali Wittenberg | Senior Consultant, Change Impact

Alice Savino | Executive Director, CDO Workforce Development Board

Bill Przylucki | Director, Collaborative Solutions / Research Associate, NYS Council on Children and Families

Cary Newman | Program Manager, Disability Awareness Training

Cathy Welch | Professor, College of Education, University of Iowa

Cory Schmid | Disability Employment Initiative Project Lead, Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development

Cynthia M. Wrend | New York State Bonding Coordinator-Federal Bonding Program (or FBP)- Workforce Programs Specialist 1, NYSDOL

Christine Broders | Disability Resource Coordinator, Arapahoe / Douglas Works Workforce Center

Danielle DiMare | Senior Consultant, Change Impact

David Whalen | Founder, Disability Awareness Training

Emily Bosley | Senior Coordinator, College & Career Prep KY Skills U

Jacqueline Hayes, Program Planner | NYS Council on Developmental Disabilities (NYS CDD)

Jen Siaca Curry | Chief Executive Officer, Change Impact

Jenny Hutkowski |Director of Family and Youth Education, Starbridge

Jill Larmett | Disability Resource Coordinator, Capital Workforce, Connecticut

Jodi Delapaz | Communications Coordinator, CDO Workforce Development Board

Juie Deo | Workforce Programs Specialist 3, Youth Team Supervisor, NYSDOL

Joyce Hawk | Mid-Hudson Coordinator, Westchester Institute for Human Development Community Support Network

Karen Quesnel | Operations Coordinator / RETAIN CT Project Lead, CT Department of Labor, Office of Workforce Competitiveness

Kathy DeAngelo | Disability Resource Coordinator, CDO Workforce

Kay Broughton |Program Associate, NYS Council on Developmental Disabilities (NYS CDD)

Kerry Wiley | DEI Round 8 State Lead, Workforce Program Specialist, NYSDOL

Lance Kaldor | Workforce Senior Consultant, Meridian Local Office, Idaho Department of Labor

Leah Hastad | Resource Coordinator, Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council

Maria Lombardi | Disability Resource Coordinator, HempsteadWorks

Marilyn Patterson | Disability Resource Coordinator, Niagara's WorkSourceOne

Martha Mock | Professor, Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives and Director of the Center for Disability and Education, University of Rochester

Mary E. McLaughlin | Workforce Development Specialist, Tompkins County Workforce New York

Pat Dowse | Vice President of Business Development, New York Alliance for Inclusion and Innovation

Page Eastin | Workforce Program Coordinator, Iowa Department of Human Rights, Workforce Development

Richard Brenna | Disability Resource Coordinator, MassHire Department of Career Services

Robin Miller | IT/GIS Project Coordinator, NYS Council on Children and Families

Sacha Stadhard | Policy and Program Operations, MassHire Department of Career Services

Sarah Loizeaux | Technical Assistance Liaison, Disability Employment Initiative, National Disability Institute

Shannon Alvord | Coordinator of Community Youth Services, Tompkins County Workforce New York

Sonam B Willow, LMSW, CRC | Disability & Housing Specialist for the Independent Living Center of the Hudson Valley | Family Therapist for Willowworks/Choices Counseling

Susan Hopkins | College & Career Navigator Coordinator, Kentucky Skills U, Kentucky Education & Workforce Development Cabinet

Tera Brooks | Disability Resource Coordinator, Central Minnesota Jobs & Training Services, Inc.

Zach Powell | Senior Planner, City of Albany Department of Planning and Development