What Makes an IRT Successful?

These practices are what help an IRT work best:

Person-Centered Approach: The job seeker leads

Integrated Resource Team membership is directed by the unique needs and goals of the job seeker.

Trust: To rely on or place confidence in

The job seeker has to trust their Team Helper and share their challenges with them. This helps their Team Helper figure out who the right people are to invite to be members of the team.

Honesty​​: Truthfulness

All team members should share any concerns and challenges openly. The best way to solve problems is to take responsibility and be honest.

Collaboration: Working with one another

When organizations work together, they are able to improve career outcomes for job seekers.

Accountability: Being responsible for actions

The IRT helps hold partners responsible for doing what they say they will do. Being accountable for an action means that a person will do it quickly. It means that they will work with others to make sure that they do a good job, so that the job seeker can succeed in achieving their employment goal.

Outcome Oriented: Focused on results

It’s important to complete tasks and goals in order to create solutions based on the specific needs of the job seeker.