Success Stories

Jason’s Journey

A young man named Jason and his business representative came to the CDO Workforce Center for support on how to accommodate Jason’s needs and help him thrive. Jason is autism and has a hard time relating and communicating with people. Despite this challenge, he volunteered his time assisting a local sports team. The coach of the team, John, was motivated to help Jason gain work experience. Through some research, he learned about Work-Based Learning programs where Career Centers cover the wages for 200 hours of internships for young people with disabilities.

John convinced the boss at his place of employment, a manufacturing plant, to provide an internship to Jason. He also offered to be his supervisor. The boss at the manufacturing plant agreed so long as they learned about best practices with CDO Workforce Center, who they also used for other job trainings.

Jason’s IRT Members

Jason and John initiated the IRT, and invited Jason’s mom and the workforce counselor to join them to learn how the business could accommodate Jason’s needs.

Work-Based Learning

Jason worked as an intern operating a machine and excelled in his job. He was always on time, professional, and reliable. The Career Center met with the supervisor to conduct performance reviews of Jason.

Jason’s Outcomes

The manufacturing plant expanded his duties and trained him on additional machines. This boosted his confidence and self esteem and he has become comfortable having lunch with his co-workers.

The internship has completed and now Jason is working with the IRT to help him complete the required training so that he can drive dump trucks.

*Names have been changed in the Success Stories to protect identities.