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Training and Education

Reality lesson: You will always need more training. You almost never have enough education. And a high school diploma isn’t enough. Ever. All it means is that you’ve learned just enough to get started with the training that will underlie your career.

So get more training. If you haven’t graduated high school, get your GED. If you’re graduating, consider college – and take the necessary standardized tests. If not college, consider some other form of post-high school training.

CDO Workforce Career System can help. We know where you need to go. In fact, we can help with a couple of programs of our own. Training comes in two forms, classroom-based and on-the-job. We’ll help you with both.

We’ll hook you up with a good summer job. And we can guide you through the process of getting an internship.


Internships. We can’t say enough good things about them. Beyond a simple job, an internship is an agreement between you and employers: In exchange for a lower wage, or maybe just college credit, your employers understand they’re getting a less-experienced worker.

In return, you get a job in the field you want to enter. You get vital skills, start a network of contacts and references, and add relevant employment to your resume. Many employers won’t even look at you without at least one internship on your resume.

So contact us at our one-stop centers to find the ways we can help.

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